Dicono di noi: Lugana Marsadri review in the UK!

Dicono di noi: Lugana Marsadri review in the UK!


Article By Duncan Shadbolt, “The Indipendent Wine Review”, UK

May 2013

With more than 130 years of winemaking history, Cantina Marsadri is now one of the older winemaking ventures in Lugana. Run by Pietro and Livia Leali the wines of Cantina Marsadri are divided in to the Linea Garda and Linea Brolo classifications, with an additional red that goes under the name of “Rosso del Pioppo” (a name inspired by the many poplar trees located around Lake Garda and the family vineyards).

Cantina Marsadri “Linea Garda” Lugana DOC (2012)

High quality grapes are the key to all of the wines in Cantina Marsadri’s “Linea Garda” as they are simply vinified before being released in their youth. In the case of this “Linea Garda” Lugana from the 2012 vintage this means fermentation and a brief maturation in stainless steel tanks before bottling and commercial release.

Weighing in at just 12.5% abv (a good number of wines on this list are declared at a more weighty 13.5% abv) this “Linea Garda” Lugana from Cantina Marsadri is a pale lemon in the glass with beautifully expressive aromas of white flowers, lemon and a hint of almond emerging as it is swirled. Perfectly balanced in the mouth, there is a lovely sense of nuance and subtlety to this pure and classy wine. 87 points.

Cantina Marsadri “Brolo” Lugana DOC (2012)

Produced from a selection of the finest Turbiana grapes produced on the Cantina Marsdari vineyards, this “Brolo” Lugana from Cantina Marsadri is intended as the finest expression of a wine produced under the Lugana DOC that Cantina Marsadri can produce.

Exhibiting a clear family resemblance to the “Linea Garda” Lugana, this “Brolo” Lugana from Cantina Marsadri offers a similar pale colour and low alcoholic content to its cousin, but with a more intense set of aromas. Pure and pithy in the mouth, this “Brolo” Lugana shows hints of grapefruit alongside flavours of lemon, almond and a subtle nod to the minerality which is typical in wines made under this classification. Very well balanced and appreciably long. 89 points.

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